Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of "Those" Days

Let me explain . . .

What happens when I'm sleep-deprived for several nights in a row?

I hear Kate crying and automatically assume it must be morning.  I get her up and turn on all the lights only to find out it's 1:30 am.  Sorry Kate.

What happens when I'm taking a few minutes to blog while Kate is playing in her room and I don't hear anything for 5 minutes?


And this.

And that.

If you can read what her PJs say . . . "Mommy makes me happy"
{the fine print says, "but sometimes I don't make her happy" :) I'm joking}

Clean up was beastly.  Kate had covered herself, the floor, our big rocking chair, and the bunny she sleeps with every night.  He seemed to have recovered quite nicely:

Our floor, not so much.  The whole point of Desitin is to resist wetness so your baby's bum won't get a rash.  Apparently it resists all types of wetness.  Anyone know how to get Desitin out of carpet?

What happens when you have a stupid water heater?

You take a really cold shower. 

What happens when my day is going like this?

I eat chocolate.

And not just two pieces.

Luckily, Kate was a gem the rest of the day.  She was happy when we went and visited some cousins.  She took a good nap in the afternoon so mom could catch up on some shut eye.  And she was very good-natured at the grocery store . . . good thing, too, because this is where my day took a turn for the worse.

It was a trip to Target, to pick up everything from dinner and lunches to a scarf for me and new socks for Kate.  Basically, I felt like we had walked every inch of the store by the time we got up to the check-out line.  We waited our turn, and then finally we made it to the front!  The lady had rung up about 75% of our stuff when I reached in my purse to grab my wallet.  Not there.  I fished around and around, starting to feel desperate.  I started to panic, and finally told our cashier that I was sorry, but I didn't have my wallet.  I was almost 100% sure that it was in my purse when we came in, which means that it was probably stolen.  I head out to our car, just to check. 

Oh yeah, I gave it to Kate on the way up to the cousins to keep her entertained.  I run back in the store and ask where my groceries are.  And then I'm informed that they've just been put away.  Curse you, Target!  Why do you have to be so disgustingly efficient?

At this point I almost started crying.

Image from

But I didn't.  I held it together.  I went back and grabbed the three things we needed for dinner that night, and then we checked out and left.

And then a dinner I make all the time (and is usually delicious) didn't turn out.  

But it's all okay . . . because at the end of the day, I have two people that mean the world to me.

I love them, and they love me.  So I can take on any more of "those" days that are thrown at me.

I tucked Kate into bed and she snuggled into her {no longer} Desitin covered bunny.

A few hours later I was awakened to her screaming and a blowout diaper.

I hope you're all having a good day!


  1. wow, sounds like you had a tough day. i hope that you don't get another day like this in a looong while.

  2. Haha oh dear. At least you're sleep deprived for a legitimate reason... I am from my cat at the moment. How... stupid. :P

  3. Randomly found you in blogland - loved your post. Oh haven't we all had these days! Then to be reminded - They love me. I love them. The end.