Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let the Holiday List Begin

Let's just face it - there is SO much going on at this time of year.  And if you're anything like me, the only way to make sure everything gets done is to have one of those famous "to-do" lists.  You know, the kind where you write things down that you've already accomplished, just so you check something off your list.  We've all done it :)

So . . . how do you make sure you accomplish everything you want to do during the holidays?

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Yep, hang it up for the world to see.  It's easy - an in-plain-sight to-do list holds you accountable and serves as a constant reminder!  Now just to clarify . . . I'm not talking about the yucky type of to-do list that mentions things like laundry, your unsent Christmas cards, or those dishes you need to return to your neighbor.  I'm talking about all of the fun things you want to do this holiday season - like go visit Santa, go Christmas caroling, and watching "Elf."  There are always a million things you want to do, but unless you write them down and put them somewhere the whole family can see, chances are you'll only make a small dent in the list.

Hang up some sort of paper or poster, and then put up things you want to do.  If you want it to be fun to look at, you might use Christmas tags, like this:

A couple of great things about this list - first, it'll remind you about the things you want to do together - as a family.  So even if you're feeling super stressed about those unsent Christmas cards, you'll remember what is most important - family togetherness.  Second, your kids will hold you to it.  And that means you'll have a long list of memories once this busy season is over.

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  1. OMGosh, that list is adorable. I need to get into the spirit, dammit!