Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Aboard!

Here's a fun Christmas craft from Family Fun . . . a cut-out train!  Fun and easy, and kids would love it.  And Kate would eat it, so I'll probably hold off for a few years.  To make it last longer, you might glue the paper to something a little stronger, like poster board or card stock.  Either way, enjoy!

Image from familyfun.com

Click here to go to the Family Fun website to find out how easy it really is :)

One other fun Christmas activity to try with your kids . . . popcorn snowmen!  Look how adorable they are!

Image from familyfun.com

These are also very simple, and don't require a ton of ingredients - mostly just stuff you have on hand.  And, if your kids would like them better, you could make them out of Rice Krispy treats instead!

Click here to go to the Family Fun website and learn how to make these snowmen. 

And be sure to look around their website - they have a ton of other fun Christmas ideas, like:

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