Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes You Learn the Hard Way

Note: the above is not an actual picture of Kate

Sometimes, ha!  Most of the time I learn the hard way.  Take for example, the visit Kate and I paid the doctor this week.  Last week Kate came down with a lot of congestion - an endlessly runny/stuffy nose - but no coughing.  She was cranky and clingy and cried whenever I'd give her a bottle.  I thought she must have a bad cold.  Then she started rubbing her ears.  I turned to my book of wisdom, What to Expect the First Year, and concluded she must have an ear infection.  I decided to take her in to see a doctor.

He listened to her breathing.  He cleaned out her ears and checked them carefully.  Nothing.  Then he looked in her throat.  Did he see any redness or swelling back there?  No.  What he did see, while Kate was trying to bite him, was that she was getting two more teeth.  The ones next to the top front teeth.  Aaaagh!  I am officially one of those moms that doctors complain about, who bring their kid in when they aren't really sick!  And in all honesty, I considered the possibility, but her top two teeth came in a little over two weeks ago,and  I thought it was impossible.  And to his credit, Dave thought she might be teething.  But do I listen?  No, I like taking Kate into the doctor, without even bothering to glance at the possibility of new teeth.  I like throwing cash at doctors who tell me to just give her a little tylenol and some baby orajel.  I like learning the hard way.

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  1. You're absolutely fine, you will learn the hard way at first, and be able to gauge it as time goes on what is going on. You're doing wonderfully, momma <3