Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Cup Really is Half Full

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 Tip #2: The cup really is half full

It's been a long week, and I've found myself a little frustrated with Kate more than once.  Kate has been miserable for almost a week now (she's teething) - grumpy, clingy, easily provoked.  I was starting to feel the same way.

Yesterday was one of the worst days. Kate had been demanding that I hold her or stay right next to her pretty much all day, and it was still another hour before Dave would be home.  I was about at the end of my rope and in the middle of a "moment."   I had put Kate down and she started crying, once again, and reached up for me to hold her.  In that moment, I realized how very grateful I am to have her in my life.  About how sad I would be if her little arms weren't reaching up for me.  About how happy I am to be her mom and have her in my life.  Thinking about that really changed my perspective for that last hour.  Kate wasn't really a burden any more, I was happy to take care of my little girl who's so miserable.

And while today wasn't easy, it was a lot easier with that perspective in mind.  The cup really is half full.  My takeaway: the hardest times are the times when it is most important to remember how much you love your little one.  If we could do that, really love them in those moments: when they're screaming in the grocery store check out line, when they just dumped their oatmeal all over our lap, when they just broke something . . . how differently would we handle things?  Wouldn't we be much better parents if we could, in those moments, keep our love for them at the forefront of our minds?

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