Saturday, December 11, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

This week Kate attended her very first birthday party - her good friend Barrett just turned one!  They've pretty much been friends since birth, since they were born 6 weeks apart!  There were two other friends: Ellie and Morey, and the kids and the moms all have a great time (we were all best friends in high school).

This picture was the best we could get, considering the wiggliness of the one or close-to-one age.  I was waving a sparkly purple ball above their heads to try and get their attention!

Courtney (Barrett's mom) created a very adorable party theme - Dr. Seuss!  You're going to be just as impressed as I was!  First look at this food table - delicious, a lovely layout, and all related to the theme!

Green deviled eggs and ham sandwiches - I think it's pretty obvious that we're talking about Green Eggs and Ham!

Colored goldfish for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and 7-Up for A Great Day for Up!

Talk about creative!

The kids loved the food too, and basically migrated from mom to mom begging for food :)

One mom got a little swamped all at once . . .

The one thing Kate didn't love about the party were the hats - 
(Sorry these next couple of pictures aren't that great - they were taken with my iphone)

She pulled on it until it came off.  And then gave me her "Mom, why do you torture me like that?" face.

But Barrett sure looked cute in his!

Happy Birthday Barrett!


  1. Those are adorable photos and I am loving the Dr. Seuss theme. Your friend is very creative. :)