Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kate's First Birthday

Kate had a wonderful birthday.

Hard to have a bad day when you start off cuddling your stuffed animals.

Her new trick is climbing up in the chair all on her own!

Then she got all dressed up for her party. 
She even let me do her hair . . . only because I let her watch a few minutes of her Curious George movie.

So pretty!

Finally, the birthday party . . . 

Lots of cousins, cake, presents, and balloons!

Kate handled it all pretty well, but seemed pretty curious about why everyone was staring at her during the whole party.

She was very happy when she got to get back into comfortable clothes when it was all over.

Happy Birthday, little sweetie!


  1. Sure looks like a fun day, happy birthday little kate! xoxo

  2. She looks so cute in her birthday outfit! Happy Birthday Kate!

  3. awww! happy 1st birthday to u & ur little miss! getting thru the 1st year is big stuff :) she's beautiful *